Riva – Digital Blood Pressure Measurement

State-of-the-art technology from CSEM makes it possible to measure blood pressure using a smartphone camera*. After a short initialization with personal reference, the smartphone measures your blood pressure as a constant companion.

Start today and get to know your blood pressure better: Get started with the Riva App.

* This app is for demo purposes only. The readings from this device are not medically validated.

Riva Challenge

Measure your blood pressure now and win great prizes. Simply download the app or log in via web portal, register your email and measure at least 5 times until March 31, 2019. The prizes will be drawn among all participants.

Start today and win great prizes.

Riva Digital

Increase healt literacy
An ambitious bet that can only be won with strong partnerships and that shows what is possible in the Swiss ecosystem. Riva Digital aims to promote digital health solutions. In particular, digital instruments are to be promoted which increase the health literacy of the Swiss population.

Lower blood pressure
Hypertension is one of the deadliest diseases humanity knows. Every year, 7 million people die as a result of hypertension. One in four people have high blood pressure – most of them without knowing it. Hypertension is a silent disease that is often diagnosed only when the disease is already at an advanced stage – with irreparable damage done.

With joined forces

On this page, you’ll learn more about high blood pressure, what you can do to get a better picture of your own blood pressure, and what each one can do to have a healthier cardiovascular system.

Together with strong partners we can tackle it. Be a part of the move #sloganE! Be Riva Digital!


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