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Health awareness thanks to digital solutions

As an association for the promotion of digital solutions in the health sector, Riva Digital is committed to ensuring that the Swiss population takes their blood pressure and health more seriously. Here we present innovative solutions from Riva Digital partners. Just as in #SloganE. #BeSmart.TakePart.

Riva App for Blood Pressure Monitoring & Riva Digital Bet

As part of the Riva Digital bet, CSEM is making this cutting-edge technology available to all committed partners and individuals free of charge until 1 April 2019 in the form of a lifestyle app developed in cooperation with Altran and Pryv.

This allows you to monitor your blood pressure during the Riva Digital betting period and participate in the bet.

Available in the App Store and on Google Play

Riva Digital GO: Playfully challenging high blood pressure

Through gamification, ‘Riva Digital GO’ aims to encourage the Swiss population to exercise more and thus improve their blood pressure. True to the Riva Digital motto #BeSmartTakePart.

Download from the App Store and Google Play

Time for new habits – with the Sanitas Active app

Boasting easy access and simple handling, the Sanitas Active app is a digital service designed to help improve your health. The Active app encourages you to develop new habits and improve your blood pressure while having fun by incorporating more exercise into your daily routine.

Key benefits of the app:

  • Counts every movement even without a fitness tracker
  • Constant overview of your personal target
  • Rewards for reaching each daily target
  • Compatible with Garmin and Fitbit fitness trackers
  • Free of charge

More information on the Sanitas Active app

Biospectal App - Participate in clinical study now

Researchers at the renowned Swiss CSEM Institute have been working for 10 years on non-invasive blood pressure measurement.
The knowledge gained in this process was used to develop algorithms that enable reliable conclusions to be drawn about the course of blood pressure using optical pulse wave analysis.
Based on CSEM cutting-edge technology, the Swiss start-up Biospectal has developed an app that meets today’s medical standards for blood pressure measurement.
Within this framework, Riva Digital partners and interested companies will be offered active participation in a clinical study with the help of Biospectal. This study will allow CSEM to acquire optical signals and improve the current algorithms.

If you are interested, please contact Prof. Patrick Schoettker, CMO Biospectal at

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