Since August you can determine your blood pressure with our app. For the first steps we have developed a short manual:

For the first time user:

  1. Download and launch the app
  2. Swipe the 3 introductory pages to the left -> “Start”.
  3. I don’t have an account yet -> a new user ID will be generated automatically
  4. Define/enter password incl. password confirmation
  5. Email address: optional, used for password recovery
  7. Read/scroll Terms & Conditions to the bottom & AGREE
  8. Partner code: If received from a Riva Digital partner, enter here – otherwise skip
  9. You are now in the actual start menu
  10. As first step “Calibrate*” if possible so that the values are matched for you. This requires a conventional bp measurement by a medical professional timely close to the smart phone reading. This again means placing your index finger loosely over the camera & flash, so that both are covered and pressing “Start”.
  11. After 30 seconds the overview page appears. Here you enter the values conventionally measured (expert measurement). Then add the general settings and “Calibrate” and “Save for calibration”.
  12. You are now back in the start menu and can repeatedly measure, recalibrate or add conventionally measured blood pressure values.

For the returning user:

Start app -> You will be taken directly to the “Start menu”.

*You can also measure without “Calibration”, only then a concrete reference value is missing. With calibration, the system uses your own values as the basis for the calculations.

Download the app for free in the Apple AppStore or in GooglePlay